The Importance of Communication

The importance of communication should be apparent to anyone who’s ever had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. From your very first teen-date, to your current mate, experience has taught you the importance of communication to any meaningful relationship.

Communication is the key to a strong and healthy marriage. But in the context of your relationship, what does ‘communication’ mean?

Few people bring strong and effective communication skills into their marriage. This is evident in that many marriages go through a rough patch early on. But the demands of a long-term, healthy, and committed relationship compel both partners to develop these skills.

There are countless ways for communication with your spouse to fail. Studies done on interpersonal communication have identified many of these hurdles. Osmo Wiio’s Laws on Interpersonal Communication explain why these breakdowns are so common.

Couples who have a healthy marriage, express their love and respect for each other in everything they say and do. They understand the importance of communication and have learned the skills necessary to make it happen.

How, you ask? Read on, my friend.

Communication is much more than just talking. It’s about listening.

Too many relationships suffer due to poor communication and listening skills. Often, the breakdown in communication is due to the following poor listening habits. Test yourself. How many are you guilty of?

Learning how to listen is an integral component of effective communication. Yet, most people don’t know how to listen effectively. So how can you become a good listener? Learn and practice these Ten Rules of Effective Listening Skills. Your marriage will reap the benefits.

Couples who share a strong marriage also share their thoughts, feelings, needs and desires, without fear of retribution. Couples who understand the importance of communication don’t get hung up on things like, “Will she be mad if I told her this?” Or, “What would he say if he knew this about me?”

You shouldn’t fear talking openly and freely with your spouse. When you appreciate the importance of communication, it’s more likely you will solve problems and resolving issues.

So how come we don’t do it? Why doesn’t every married couple enjoy perfect communication and a perfect relationship?

Part of the reason is we enter our relationships with such poor communication skills. When we “communicate” with our spouse, our conversations are often filled with yelling, snide and berating comments, and an obvious lack of respect. This is no way to build a Million Dollar Marriage! Learn and practice these Ten Communication Skills for a Stronger Marriage. Your marriage will become stronger, richer, and more fulfilling.

Effective communication does not just apply to the everyday conversations we have with our spouses. It is every bit as important while in the bedroom! How many husbands or wives are afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to tell their spouse what turns them on? Read Love Advice – Communication in the Bedroom. Learn to instruct your spouse on what’s needed to spice up your sex life!

Strong communication skills, in and of themselves, are not enough to ensure marital bliss. To secure a Million Dollar Marriage, you must understand a fundamental difference between the psyches of the sexes:

Men act like men and women act like women.

Got that? No?
Then click here and let me explain why men and women simply speak different languages.

Women are very good at using tones, inflections, body language, and yes – even sarcasm – to get their point across. Alas, we men are much simpler creatures. We don’t always “get” what our wives are trying to tell us.

So as a public service to all of my fellow male compatriots, I’m providing some common terminology our wives use, which have very different meanings than what we think. If you’re a man and have hopes of staying married, you will take my advice and learn them quickly. And if you’re a woman and a wife, enjoy this light-hearted look into one of the many differences between the sexes.

All couples have differences, disagreements, and areas of incompatibility. In fact, marriage experts agree that all couples – even those who have been happily married for years – will have five to seven areas of irresolvable differences.

But differences can be quite interesting and even stimulating! We often subconsciously seek out partners who can complement our weaknesses with their strengths. Yet, with these differences, typically comes volatility.

It’s important that every couple learn how to resolve their differences in a fair and constructive manner. If you hope to efficiently handle the discourse that’s inevitable in any marriage, then you’ll learn the importance of communication.

Coming Soon: Learn the art of conflict resolution. Learn how to compromise and fight fairly with your spouse. Learn how to keep your disagreements calm and rational rather than having them blow up into highly heated battles. And finally, learn how to emerge from your fights loving your spouse more and more.

If you want your marriage to be a success, take heed of this critical advice.

Couples, who understand the importance of communication, make time for each other. They find the time to talk.

Life is always hectic and chaotic. You’re having problems at work. The car needs a tune up. The kids are late for practice. The baby is colicky. And the dog just threw up on the living-room rug. (Sound familiar? If not, come live in our house. We can always use an extra set of hands.)

Despite the chaos and constant schedules, these couples appreciate the importance of communication to maintaining their strong and healthy marriage. So should you.

Plan a “date” for quality time together.
Talk instead of watching TV.
Go for a walk together.
Talk while working together on household chores.
Take advantage of travel time in the car while the kids are in the back occupied with a DVD.

If you want to save your marriage, spend time with your spouse. Notice those times when your partner wants to talk. Comply when ever possible. Turn off the TV and any other distractions; then give it your undivided attention.

This action says to your partner:
“What you have to say is important to me, because you are important to me.”

If circumstances prevent you from giving your immediate attention, verbalize why now will not work and offer an alternative. Try something like, “Honey, I really want to hear what you have to say. But in ten minutes, I have an important conference call. How about tonight after we put the kids to bed? Then, I can give you my undivided attention.”

There is plenty of good relationship advice available on the market (including within my book!) . However, some of the best relationship advice is free! Click here for more FREE relationship advice on building a successful marriage (opens new window).

Invest in your marriage. Make time for your spouse. Learn the importance of communication by using this information to improve your relationship.

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