The Millionaire Mindset
is the Key
to Unlocking Wealth

What is a Millionaire Mindset? I’ve been very fortunate to have known many millionaires. They have come from many different backgrounds and have acquired their wealth in many different ways. But they’ve all shared a unique and special way of thinking.

All of us have what it takes to become a millionaire. Even you!

Yet few know how to unleash the potential and cultivate the abilities we all have within our hearts and minds. When you’ve mastered this special mindset, you will see opportunities where you never saw them before. You will realize your potential and discover your path to fortune. You will have a Millionaire Mindset.

  • People who have this Millionaire Mindset are not satisfied with the status quo or their current situation in life.

    Few people are truly willing to do something about their current situations. They are either comfortable, resistant to change or fear change. If you want more out of life, in order to get it, you must be willing to sacrifice the status quo. You must be willing to expand your mind and grow as a person.

    People who have this Millionaire Mindset are ambitious. They want more; more money, more happiness, more out of life. They have decided to take control of their destiny rather than allow “life” or circumstances around them dictate what happens to them. They have a dream and a goal, and they’re determined to make it reality.

  • People who have this Millionaire Mindset see themselves as millionaires – even if they haven’t yet achieved it.

    Your subconscious mind is a tremendously powerful machine, more so that your conscious mind. People who have this Millionaire Mindset see themselves as rich and successful. And they constantly reinforce this picture in their mind.

    Your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between your current reality and the mental picture that you choose to feed it. Your subconscious mind will work to provide you with what ever is needed to make this picture a reality.

    Whatever self-image you hold in your mind’s eye, that is the person your subconscious is working to ensure you become. Do you want to be successful? See yourself succeeding! If you spend your days acting the victim and blaming the world for your woes, then this is what your subconscious mind will provide to you.

  • Millionaires feed their minds. They train themselves to think positive thoughts and they avoid dwelling on the negative.

    Often your conscious mind is the greatest obstacle to your success. Most people allow their fears to hold them back. When you have a Millionaire Mindset, you’re not afraid to fail. You have eliminated your inner negative talk and inner self-doubt. When having conversations with themselves, (yes, even millionaires talk to themselves,) future millionaires don’t say things like:

    “This will never work.”
    “I don’t have enough money to make it happen.”
    “I’m not smart enough to accomplish this.”
    “It was much easier back in the old days.”
    “I’m too old or too young to do it now.”

    They won’t allow such negative thoughts into their minds. They’ve trained themselves to eliminate negative thoughts and rephrase their doubts into “how” questions.

    For example:
    How can I make this work?”
    How can I raise enough money to make this happen?” Or, “How can I make this happen even though I don’t have enough money?”
    How or where can I gain the knowledge to accomplish this?”

    Ray Crock was in his fifties when he built his first McDonalds. Harland Sanders was in his sixties when he built his Kentucky Fried Chicken into a million dollar franchise. I recently saw an interview with a young man who saw a need, came up with a unique concept and built a business around it. That company is grossing millions of dollars a year. And that young man is only 18 years old!

    And where did this myth that “millionaires must be geniuses” come from? I can tell you, I’ve met many millionaires who were extremely intelligent while others were simpletons. Some were brilliant in their nitch while others I never would have believed were capable of amassing such fortunes.

    You do not have to be a college professor to be a millionaire. In fact, I’ve come across quite a few millionaires that had no more than a high school education!

    Whether these millionaires were brilliant, college educated individuals or nitwits that dropped out of high school; the one thing they all shared was this Millionaire Mindset.

    So instead of saying, “I can’t,” say, “I will.”
    Instead of saying, “maybe tomorrow…” say, “I’ll start now.”
    Instead of dwelling on, “It’s not fair,” search for new opportunities.
    Instead of feeling resentment toward those who “are lucky,” feel gratitude for what you have and develop ambition to make your own “luck.”

  • People who have this Millionaire Mindset take responsibility for their actions – and inactions. They don’t blame the world for their problems. You will never hear them say things like:

    “It’s not my fault.”
    “It was the economy.”
    “If it weren’t for (insert petty reason here), I would have succeeded.”

    One of my favorite quotes is from Napoleon Hill:
    “Success requires no explanations. Failure permits no alibis.”

    If you experience the same problems over and over, if you’ve ever asked yourself questions like:
    “Why does this always happen to me?”
    “Why do people treat me like this?”
    “Why can’t I ever get ahead?”
    “Why do I always get passed over for promotions?”
    “Why do my ideas always fail?”

    Remember this: The cause is never out there. The problems that hold you back, and the solutions, are within you. Seek them out and make the necessary changes within. Once your mental chains have been broken, take MASSIVE ACTION towards your goals and success will be yours!

  • People who have this Millionaire Mindset make efficient use of their time. They understand that their most precious asset is not money. It’s time.

    Some people are so overburdened taking care of the little things that they have no time left to create wealth, prosperity and happiness. Therefore, people with Million Dollar Mindsets don’t waste time on trivial tasks and issues. They invest their time on those things that will provide them with the maximum benefits. Then, they don’t sweat the small stuff.

    The next time you are about to start a task, ask yourself, “Does accomplishing this really make a difference in the bigger picture?” If not, is there someone else that can do it for you?

  • People with a Millionaire Mindset take MASSIVE ACTION right out of the gate. They don’t wait until they know everything before they decide to do anything.

    Success and obtaining wealth are dynamic processes. The more you learn, the more you will realize there is still more to learn.

    While others busy themselves preparing and getting ready, the future millionaire is already DOING something that will get him where he needs to go. They may not know everything yet, but they are constantly learning, reading and feeding their minds. And they are constantly taking action towards their goals.

    They may make mistakes; sometimes big ones. But experience is the best teacher. They learn from their actions and their mistakes. They learn from other peoples mistakes too. There are plenty of millionaires out there who went bankrupt and lost everything before bouncing back to create massive wealth.

  • People with a Millionaire Mindset understand that becoming a millionaire does not simply mean working long and hard hours. They work hard, but they also work smart.

    There are plenty of extremely bright people out there working long and hard hours, who are not millionaires. There are plenty of brilliant individuals who know how to work smart but for whatever reason, aren’t willing to work very hard.


  • Millionaires enjoy what they do. People who have this Millionaire Mindset have a passion for the vehicle they are using to build their empire. They’ve found a method or business that works for them.

    I’ve met people who amassed their fortunes in real estate, catering, landscaping, chemical supplies, auto repair and in the stock market. I’ve also worked with people in these same fields that were barely scraping by.

    You can become a millionaire in any field you choose. You've probably heard the saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

    Successful people concentrate on their work and enjoy doing it. Unsuccessful people focus simply on the money. Successful millionaires work long and hard to create something greater than themselves. They receive satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and the money flows to them based on their achievements. The rest of the masses work long and grueling hours solely for the money.

Probably one of the greatest factors of the Millionaire Mindset is that these people saw a need and believed they could fill it. They spent their time dreaming, working and building their passion for the greater good. They love what they do, and when they succeeded, the money naturally followed.

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